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About me
Hello, I'm Arjan Schuitman, documentary photographer and story teller based in the Netherlands.

My dedication
I'm engaged with people, the environment, nature, the suppressed and endangered. I am amazed by people who are dedicated and persistant to make the best out of a situation.
I believe that visual stories are the best means to tell about important or remarkable situations. Visual stories give the opportunity to share my amazement and give easy access and context to the information and situation. My documentaries are about humans and the interaction with their surroundings, the environment and the beauty of nature.

What I do
I make documentary stories both commissioned and on own initiative. Please have a look at my portfolio. Or wait no longer and


me right away.
I also run the

The Rat Gazette

, a platform dedicated to the rat.
When I get the chance I combine two of my passions: photography and music.

Photographic services
You can also contract me to document your special events. I photograph them with great care, detailed preparation and special dedication.
I also love to give workshops and training about photography. From beginners courses till one on one advise for professional photographers. From camera handling, composition, smart phone photography, travel photograpy, nature and landscapes, black and white photography, book making to story telling.

Fire in the sky

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