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Fire in the sky
Ten percent of the rice crops gets lost because the huge amount of rats living around the rice fields that feed on the rice plants.
Fire in the sky

Rat pest control is therefore taken very seriously by the Vietnamese farmers and government to save the crops and protect food safety.
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Rats are captured by blocking all exits of the rat hole with a trap and pouring water from the rice fields into the hole. They are kept alive and the teeth of the rats are removed so they will not hurt each other in the transportation cage.
Fire in the sky

Nguyen Van Tong is not only rice farmer but also certified by the local authorities as official rat hunter. He can catch up to 50 rats a day.
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After he gets home he will soak the rats in boiling water and leave them for a few minutes in the water. The rats are cleaned by scraping the fur off with a knife.
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The rats are smoked in straw until they reach the desired dark color. The rats are then sold on the local market by his wife.
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The lager rats will sell for 15000VND (70 US dollar cents).
Unique in Vietnam, in the surroundings of the village, rat is considered as a delicacy. Most delicious is rat marinated in fermenting soya sauce mixed with pigs blood and ginger.
Fire in the sky

Rice farmer

Mr. Nguyen Van Tong is rice farmer in the Vietnamese village of Canh Nau. Per kg of rice he earns about 1000 VND ( 5 US dollar cents; 3 Euro cents).



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